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Edies Felt Blocks

edie blocks 1

My friend Rob asked me to create some felt blocks for his niece Edie, she turned 1 on boxing day and wanted something fun but a bit educational as well

I created 4 blocks out of craft felt. 2 sides had letters on that spelt out EDIE when put together, 2 sides had the embroidered names of the block colours on and 2 sides had corresponding fabric on. I was really pleased with the result.

edie blocks 2

 Grahams felt food

grahams food 1

 My neighbour Graham asked me to make some felt food items for the children of some freinds in America, They are always playing kitchen together and their parents like anything handmade, especially handmade in the UK.

I created 6 pieces - my signature 3 peas in a pod, a slice of bacon, a carrot, a fried egg, half a tomato and a slice of cheese.

grahams food 2

 Carolines Poppies

My friend Caroline asked me to make a couple of poppies for her aunts, they wanted to wear them on remembrance day.

She thought it was a good opportunity for a christmas present be it slightly early...or late...


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